DIY Holiday Banner

With my wedding coming up this weekend, I wanted to post this before I got back to give people enough time before the Fourth of July if they wanted to make it. Are you wanting to add some holiday decor to your house? Here is an easy banner to make for any holiday (not just the 4th of July)


#1 Cut your paper into perfect squares. The size is your own choice and just make as many squares as you want to spell your saying.


#2 Fold your pieces of paper in half.


#3 Fold the two corners into the mid-line that you just created in step #2.


#4 If your two folded sides are uneven, just line up the shorter side and slice that triangle off.


#5 This is what the resulting triangle will look like. The folded edges are facing down.


#6 Unfold the flaps and cut them off.


#7 This is what will remain when the flaps are cut off.


#8 Fold the top edge down about a half inch.


#9 Cut the remaining edge off of the folded over flap so the entire thing is just a triangle.


#10 This is what the triangle should then look like.


#11 This is what all of your triangles should look like when cut.


#12 Get stamps, stickers, or a marker and put one letter on each triangle that you made.


#13 After all the letters are on, turn the triangle over and place ribbon or string underneath the flap. Tape the flap onto the back side. You may need to tape it in a few different place. Do this for each triangle, making sure your letters are in the correct order. Then hang it on the wall!


[Fourth of July]

Although, you can’t read what my sign says, this is the finished product!


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