Honeymoon Recap

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Wedding Night: After leaving our celebration at Thanksgiving Point, we were chauffeured by Chris and Railee to the University Guest House (If making a reservation, ask for Laurel). We got this free room because fortunately we lost the Ultimate Utah Wedding back in March of this year. We did what normal people do on their wedding night; read some cards, opened a few presents, ate some wedding cake (check out our cake here), and slept.

After our plane ride Sunday morning, we took a taxi and arrived at Iberostar, our all-inclusive resort in Punta Mita, Mexico.

2014-06-22 16.28.27

While on our honeymoon, we got into a daily routine. We would eat breakfast, participate in “the most refreshing activity of the day…AQUA GYM!” (water aerobics), lay at the pool till 2, eat lunch at the buffet, go to the beach or back to the pool till our dinner reservation at 6:30. After dinner we would grab a drink or coffee, explore the hotel, play pool, or watch the sunset until we went back to our room.

Panaroma view of the resort from our balcony.

Panorama view of the resort from our balcony.

Top 7 Highlights of our honeymoon

1. Colton’s thoughtfulness.

The first things we saw when entering our room was this rose petal bath and this lovely bed display. Courtesy of the resort, we also received chilled champagne, “Ibertostar Honeymoon” t-shirts, and a plate of fresh fruit.2014-06-22 16.46.20IMG_7767edit

Colton went above and beyond on our honeymoon. He surprised me with a gift every single day on our honeymoon. My favorite gift was the Victoria Secret perfume that he bought for me and a Calvin Klein cologne for himself. He had a note that said that from this day forward, these are our signature scents. He wants us to make memories with these scents so that whenever we smell them, we think of all of our good memories. together. How cute is he!? It also makes me feel good every time he tells me I smell really really good, which is almost daily! 😉


2. Crabs, crabs, and more crabs!

At nighttime, the bottom floors of the hotel and beach have crabs every where. They were so much fun to play with!

Why so crabby?

Why so crabby?

On Wednesday we went on a bike ride near the resort and it was hard to avoid crushing the crabs with our tires (it did make for some hilarious moments though). Poor little crabs. We felt so bad for the people who stayed on the first floor because the crabs could easily enter their room if they opened their door at nighttime.


3. Too many DELICIOUS drinks.

A conga (non-alcoholic) was given to us when checking into the resort. Iberostar had unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for us to indulge in. We tried a lot of new drinks! Some of my favorites included: sex on the beach, blue Hawaii, and coco loco. Colton really enjoyed tequila with coffee and rum and cokes. We also found that the Mexican restaurant had the best margaritas in all of the resort! Too bad we only had one 😉


I love virgin bloody mary's

I love virgin bloody Mary’s

4. The beautiful beach.

The ocean water was even warmer than the swimming pool. We had such a blast playing in the water, despite the sand getting everywhere in my swim suit.






5. The Iberostar staff.

All of the staff was extremely friendly. They were always saying hola/hello whenever visitors passed by; The waiters were very attentive to the diners; And the housekeeping did awesome. They cleaned our room daily and did a nightly turn down service leaving us with two little chocolates.

I learned some new Spanish words: Piso Majados, Habitaciones, Heilo, Ascensor, and Cuidado. Do you know what these mean???

6. All you can eat food. 

I definitely recommend picking an all-inclusive place when going on vacation. It is so much easier than having to worry about the price of each meal every day. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as good as we were expecting. After a few meals, we found that the hash browns, oatmeal, and chocolate mousse cake were the best things to eat along with the Japanese restaurant for dinner. Sadly, I’ve had better pineapple in Utah.

Can you see that hash brown peaking out from under the fruit? Best hash browns we've ever had!

Can you see that hash brown peaking out from under the fruit? Best hash browns we’ve ever had!

The buffet was open for 4 meals a day. Three of the four restaurants were only open for dinnertime and a reservation was required. This was fun because the waiters actually took our orders instead of the whole meal being buffet style, and  we got to dress up a little bit fancier.


7. The gorgeous Mexican sunrises and sunsets.

Aren’t they just breathtaking? I think they speak for themselves.

2014-06-24 06.50.49

The sunrise directly outside our door.

IMG_7909edit22014-06-24 19.43.22


Mexico suits us, don’t ya think?


We had an incredible time on our honeymoon. I couldn’t have asked for a better way for Colton and I to celebrate our marriage. God has blessed us so much with loving families who support us each and every day. He has also blessed me with a husband who does more for me than what I deserve. He loves me unconditionally and always strives to make me happy. Thanks to everybody who made our wedding day celebration a success. We love you!


Mr. & Mrs. Groves


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