10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Planning a Wedding

  1. Registering is hard work. It’s tough having to decide on the spot the colors you want for your dishes, bedroom, bathroom, décor, etc.
  2. Registering makes you feel greedy. It was hard for us putting items on our list that cost a couple hundred dollars. I know people can go in with others on the gift, but we still felt bad asking that of our friends and family.
  3. If you haven’t learned to compromise with your fiancé, you’ll learn it while planning your wedding; especially when registering.
  4. Most guys don’t care a lot about the planning details or the household décor. Then there are those really special, cool, hott guys (aka my man, Colton) who do care. And it’s really cool!
  5. The first few weeks of planning are the most fun, the rest is hard and more of a hassle.
  6. Weddings really do cost a lot of money. All the little things add up. I finally got to the point where I didn’t care how much something cost I just wanted to get it paid for and checked off the list.
  7. It’s hard to make decisions. Especially on flowers, the cake design, cake flavors, colors, invitation designs, music, etc. This is also where being willing to compromise comes in handy.
  8. Don’t loan people money. It’s no fun planning a wedding and playing the role of debt collector.
  9. People, especially people in Utah, have a very hard time RSVPing. Myself and other friends have found this very common. You will most likely have to call, text, and Facebook people to find out if they are coming.
  10. Bridal photos are more stressful than fun. Making sure your hair, makeup, and dress look perfect; walking around a venue being the only one in a poofy, white dress; and trying to keep the hem from getting dirty are stressors more than fun.

Although there are quite a few, not-so-happy things that I learned while planning our dream wedding,I did learn some positive things.

1. If somebody offers to help, take them up on the offer. Save things on the “to do list” that you could do with other people. They genuinely want to help and it’s more fun for you to do these things with someone else.
2. Enjoy the entire process. You only get one first wedding, so as much stress as the wedding causes, try to enjoy every little bit.
3. I got closer with my husband’s family.
4. Appreciate everybody’s generosity. We were so blessed to have two amazing bridal showers, family/friends helping pay for things, people offering to help us move, and so much more. Thank these people!
5. Appreciate and understand the differences between you and your husband. This can definitely be challenging at times, but in the long run it will make your marriage so much stronger.
Happy Marriage,
Ashley Groves

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