Thursday Ramblings

Yesterday, Laurel and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for half priced cheesecake. I got the smore’s cheesecake and definitely recommend it. Soooo delicious. Going into the restaurant I told myself that I would only eat half of it. Leaving the restaurant, I had cleaned my plate and I didn’t even feel guilty! You can’t go wrong with cheesecake!

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of things to do at work but I just don’t want to go in to the office. I’d rather stay home (in my pajamas of course) reading a book and trying to make summer slow down at least a little bit. Unfortunately I don’t have the power to turn the clock back a few hours so I can have more time before school. I guess that means that I need to go to that work lunch, make phone calls, finish my presentation outline, buy snacks for the presentation (I’m doing cookies and milk and an ice cream bar!), print off the outlines, and shop for Kidz Church materials. At least I’ll be busy so my work time will go by quickly.

C and I are pretty much settled into our apartment and loving married life. I finally get to buy cute, over-priced, useless, throw pillows to decorate our bedroom and living room. I love the pillows so much that I’m making our bed way more than i used to, which if I’m being honest was never. We are having such a blast using the money we got from our wedding to buy things for our house. Being able to buy brand new decorative items makes me feel rich. Ha. A week ago I was asked what my favorite wedding present was. Can you guess? Probably not, haha. I love our microwave. I heavily rely on having a microwave to heat my food up and going 2 months without one was a challenge. I can’t stand it when my food cools down. OCD maybe?

This weekend is our wedding reception in Ephraim.  I’m excited to finally have a Saturday off from work and to also see my cute puppies. I desperately wish that the apartment we live in now allowed animals. Not that C doesn’t give me good cuddles, there’s just something about cuddling with a cute dog!

In the next week, C is buying a macbook pro laptop. I am so jealous haha, but mostly sad because that means that school starts really, really soon! Blah. We aren’t anywhere close to being ready for school to begin. I am enjoying summer way to much. Even though school starts, soon, that means our vacation to Las Vegas (with a free hotel!) happens just before school. I am so excited to have another vacation with my hott husband.

Anyways, I just needed to ramble a little bit about what’s been going on in our life. Happy Thursday!


-What was your favorite wedding present?


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