The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugar

I used to eat artificial sugars like nobody’s business. I did this because I didn’t want to extra calories and sugar grams that regular sugar contained. Doing so only further complicated my “sugar” addiction. I loved anything sweet (I still do), and sometimes to the point where I feel like I didn’t have control over how much I ate.

There have been studies that concluded that when we eat artificial sugars (sugar-free foods/zero calorie foods) our body accepts this sugar for a bit and then because it isn’t the real deal, our body craves the real sugar more intensely. Thus causing us to seek out more sweet foods and ultimately gaining weight from the extra calories consumed.

“Neuroscientists at Yale’s School of Medicine found that artificial sweeteners do not “fool” the brain into thinking its sugar. Instead, they leave the brain craving high-calorie foods even more.” (

I noticed this with myself when I would use artificial sugars to sweeten my drinks. I thought I was curbing my sugar craving my drinking a zero calorie drink, when instead I was only adding fuel to the fire. I craved sweet foods like it was going out of style. Once I gave up artificial sugars, my cravings lessened significantly, thus decreasing my overall sugar intake and increasing my health. Check out these info-graphics on sugar to learn the not-so-sweet truth about sugar.

sugar 1sugar 2

While I do believe that it’s okay to have treats occasionally, I want people to be aware of what they are eating and feeding to their families. Choose wisely!


One thought on “The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugar

  1. Siim Land says:

    Sugar just distances the relationship between the mind and body. Because of its stimulating effect on the brain and ravaging consequences on the body it is something to avoid like wildfire.

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